Leeds City Council to meet lawyers over GCSE results

Representatives from Leeds City Council will meet lawyers later to discuss weather to pursue legal action over this year's GCSE exam results. They are concerned that one of the country's main examination boards, AQA, changed the goalposts for students without informing schools.

Officials say that the grading system was altered for English exams in such a way that two students completing their coursework or test and achieving the same mark may have been given different grades depending on whether they submitted their work in January (Grade C) or June (Grade D).

“This fiasco will have a devastating impact on so many young people’s futures, through no fault of their own. This means that some students could be denied places on apprenticeships or college courses because of their English grades and this just is not right. I am outraged that the lives of young people are being played around with in this way. We agree that standards must be raised and exams must be rigorous and testing, but they must also be fair. Moving the goal posts mid year is not acceptable.

– Councillor Judith Blake, Leeds City Council