Work starts on new water pipeline under River Hull

Work is starting on a new water pipeline which will make it easier for Yorkshire Water to manage its supplies in East Yorkshire. The complex engineering project will see a 230 metre long pipeline installed, crossing the River Hull near Driffield, the first pipe to do so since 1959.

The new pipe will add to the company's £300m underground grid of water pipes which was used earlier this year to move up to 200 million litres of treated drinking water a day from North Yorkshire to the drought stricken east of the region, where groundwater stores were unusually low.

Engineers will start by digging a 230 metre long tunnel which will be eight metres below the surface at its deepest point to ensure it is safely protected well below the River Humber. Specialist equipment will then fit the plastic pipe inside before the tunnel is filled in by the end of December.

Each year we replace and add to our underground network with miles and miles of new pipe, but the fact that we're tunnelling under a huge river makes this project quite exceptional, as does the fact that much of the work is taking place in our nature reserve. Obviously we'll be making sure our work doesn't disturb the local wildlife, such as otters and water voles in any way and once completed this pipe will help to give us even greater flexibility in terms of how we move water around our underground grid.

– Ross Housley, Yorkshire Water.