New Hillsborough inquest calls

The relatives of the Hillsborough victims are seeking new inquests into their deaths after previously unseen documents about the disaster were unveiled.

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Hillsborough father: "We will catch up with the villains"

Trevor Hicks, from Keighley, West Yorkshire, who lost daughters Vicky, 15, and Sarah, 19, in the tragedy, said the families would not speculate on what charges should be brought before they had reviewed the evidence.

David Crompton is the first chief constable who has ever actually done anything about Hillsborough and we commend him for it and we thank him for it.

Our view is that if criminal actions have taken place then criminal charges should follow.

Exactly what those criminal charges should be is a matter we will look into when we review the evidence.

– Trevor Hicks

Reviews have been ordered South Yorkshire Police, police authorities in West Yorkshire into the actions of Sir Norman Bettison, and West Midlands, which also conducted an investigation into the disaster.

Sir Norman has today said he does not blame the fans for the tragedy,

That is despite a statement yesterday saying the fans behaviour made the policing job "harder than it needed to be".

Mr Hicks said the Hillsborough Families Support Group, does not accept his statements about his role and pledged that the families will follow all the reviews and inquiries closely.

We've been let down by the state but we didn't give up for 23 years and you can be sure, now we have been vindicated, that we will ensure that this time the state does the right thing,

This goes beyond Hillsborough, it's about the public having confidence in the police and other authorities.

This has to be cleaned up and society needs to see it has been cleaned up and we will ensure it is cleaned up, no matter how long it takes.

We will catch up with the villains, no question about that."

– Trevor Hicks

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