Anti-Muslim film demo

Crowds are gathering in the centre of Bradford to demonstrate against an online film that they say ridicules the Muslim prophet Mohammed.

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Council for Mosques condemns video

The Council for Mosques in Bradford is hoping around 2000 people will attend its demonstration this afternoon in the centre of the city. They have condemned the video 'The Innocence of Islam' in a statement:

"The Council for Mosques emphatically condemns the production and underlying reasons for the release of this vile, malicious and inflammatory material of hate. The CFM does not accept the contention that this malicious production in any way represents and contributes to freedom of expression and a healthier discourse on the subject. The production and its release are responsible for deep hurt and distress for Muslims all over the world. It is also responsible for inciting hatred against Muslims and their faith. This is not right and can't be justified."

– The Council for Mosques in Bradford

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