11 flood warnings remain in place

The Environment Agency says 11 flood warnings remain in place in Yorkshire, following recent heavy rainfall. The locations at risk include:

  • River Ouse at Cawood
  • River Ouse at Naburn and Acaster Malbis
  • River Ouse at Kelfield
  • River Ouse at Acaster Selby
  • River Derwent at Stamford Bridge - The Weir Caravan Park and Kexby Bridge
  • River Ouse at Acaster Malbis
  • River Wharfe at Ulleskelf and Ryther
  • Cock Beck at Stutton
  • River Ouse at York - St George's Field
  • River Ouse at York - riverside properties
  • River Ouse at Naburn Lock

There are further details about flood warnings in the North East region on the Environment Agency website.


Flood warnings in place

Flood warnings remain in place across some parts of our region following the recent heavy rain.