Hospital parking fines attacked

The public service trade union, UNISON, has attacked plans by Sheffield Teaching Hospitals to increase car parking fines at some of its hospital sites.

Increased hospital parking fines "terrible"

Plans to increase parking fines in hospitals in Sheffield - which would see people parking in a "prohibited area" fined by £60 have been attacked by a union.

Unison say the proposals, which are planned to be introduced from October 1, are "terrible".

The job of enforcing and collecting the fine, which could be reduced if paid immediately, has been sub-contracted to a company called Liberty Parking Services. It is believed anyone who doesn't pay the fine will be pursued through the courts.

This is a terrible proposal and has not been properly discussed. I don't know about Liberty parking, it's more like taking the liberty. This will impact adversely on staff, patients and visitors and £60 is a big fine, particularly as a so-called prohibited area could be parking slightly outside the parking bays not blocking an access route.

This deals with the symptoms but not the problem of insufficient car parking around the Northern General. This is what we should be looking at and finding innovative ways of tackling this and indeed the whole question of traffic going into Sheffield."

This will cause hardship to low paid staff struggling to find an appropriate car parking space as they attend for work and also impact on patients and their visitors who already have enough to think about without £60 fines for a genuine mistake."

– Charlie Carruth, UNISON Regional Organiser

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