Investment in firefighter safety

New equipment means improved safety Credit: West Yorkshire fire service

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue service is to make a major investment in firefighter safety by replacing over 300 sets of breathing apparatus. The current sets date back to the mid-1990s and are approaching the end of their working life - modern BA offers greater comfort and safety to the wearer.

Assistant Chief Fire Officer Craig McIntosh said that introducing new BA equipment would be a challenging process involving extra training and the adaptation of vehicles. The purchase would also need to be made through open tender to meet European Union regulations.

“We all know that West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service is undergoing major changes because of financial circumstances beyond its control.'

"But it is important that our staff, and members of the public, understand that we will never compromise on firefighter safety and remain committed to giving our people the very best tools available to do their job efficiently and effectively,” he said.