Inquiry into Boston immigration

A four-month inquiry into the effects of population increase in Boston due to immigrants has made 28 recommendations - including better control over anti-social behaviour.

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Boston immigration inquiry says there's "no easy solution"

An inquiry into the effects of population increase in Boston following an influx of migrant workers from eastern Europe has made 28 local, national and international recommendations.

Boston Borough Council's suggestions range from harsher punishments and better patrolling of anti-social behaviour to automatic access to EU funding to deal with migration.

But the council leader and chairman of the task group investigating the impact of population change stressed there is no single solution.

They acknowledge "unprecedented population change" since 2004 with the latest Census showing an increase in Boston's population from 55,750 in 2001 to 64,600 now.

"We have made observations for others to consider and sought to escalate comments to both national and European governments. What is clear is that the recent changes are set to continue. Our report does not, nor cannot, contain all the answers as there is no single deliverable solution to the pressures placed on Boston society. Everyone has their part to play… we must be understanding, tolerant and work together to find solutions to the challenge and secure Boston's fair share of dwindling finances."

– Cllr Paul Kenny and Cllr Peter Bedford

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