Police watchdog announces action over Hillsborough

The IPCC annonces what action it will take over the evidence revealed by the Hillsborough Independent Panel's report.

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"A large number of current and former officers will be under investigation"

Allegations that statements were altered and that misleading information was passed to the media and MPs will be investigated and could lead to police misconduct and criminal charges, the IPCC has said.

Claims that officers questioned bereaved next of kin about their loved ones' alcohol consumption, carried out alcohol testing and checked the police national computer to find information about the dead and injured could also lead to charges.

We will investigate the role of South Yorkshire Police and West Midlands Police in these matters. This will mean that a large number of current and former officers will be under investigation, including Sir Norman Bettison, whose conduct was referred by the West Yorkshire Police Authority."

– Deborah Glass, Deputy Chair of the Independent Police Complaints Commission

Sir Norman, currently Chief Constable of West Yorkshire, has been referred to the IPCC over allegations that he provided misleading information after the tragedy.

  • It was revealed today that Sir Norman Bettison is also under investigation for allegations that he "attempted to influence the decision-making process of the West Yorkshire Police Authority in connection with the referral that they had made".

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