Yorkshire dialect could soon be included in the official Scrabble dictionary


Scrabble lovers could soon be racking up double-digit scores with East Yorkshire dialect words like swaal, twag and scaal.

The words are among a selection of English regional terms being considered for inclusion in the official Scrabble dictionary by bosses of the popular board game.

Swaal is a Yorkshire word meaning to throw or chuck and twag means to play truant, while scaal means to spread over the ground.

Other regional terms include arrad which is a Lincolnshire term for being tired.

As new words emerge, often at the cost of traditional dialects, Scrabble said it is keen to bring some older, endangered words back to the attention of the next generation.

Experts approached regional word societies across the UK to encourage them to submit words on the brink of extinction.

The terms will become officially playable when they are included in the next edition of the Collins Scrabble Dictionary.