Sheffield care home lost dementia patients’ cash

Two directors of a care home in Sheffield have been banned from running businesses. They failed to look after the money of residents with dementia or other conditions affecting their ability to handle their finances.

Deepak Mohan Mirpuri and Arun Mirpuri ran Larongrove Ltd. The company received residents' pension and benefit payments into its bank account.

It then failed to separate the money from its own funds, as required by industry guidelines. The money was pooled as working capital to meet the costs of the care home.

Deepak Mohan Mirpuri and Arun Mirpuri have been banned from being directors for seven years and four years respectively.

Larongrove and its directors were placed into a position of trust by these seven residents who, through no fault of their own lacked the capacity to handle their own finances.

Both the residents and their families trusted the directors to protect their cash and use it in the best interests of the individuals concerned. Instead, these directors treated it as company money, which led to the loss after the care home became insolvent. They behaved with an unforgiveable lack of responsibility towards the finances of the elderly people in their care.

– Robert Clarke, Head of Company Investigations