Lincolnshire street has slowest broadband in UK

Cromarty Road in Stamford has been named as having the slowest broadband speed of any street in the UK. Researchers say it has a download speed of just 0.132Mbps which is 50 times slower than the fastest connection found in Willowfield, Telford.

The independent price comparison website carried out the study. They say it would take residents on Cromarty Road more than 25 hours to download a two hour film that in Telford could be downloaded in just 2 minutes.

Researchers have also found that two other streets in Lincolnshire feature in the top ten slowest streets for broadband. They are Burghley Road in Lincoln (0.259Mbps speed) and Woodlands Drive in Colsterworth (0.346Mbps speed).

The massive discrepancy between the fastest and slowest speeds in Britain shows what the Government is up against in its fight to drag Britain into the broadband fast-lane. Rural parts of Britain in particular are experiencing broadband speeds so slow that they might as well have no broadband at all.

– Julia Stent,