Women bishops decision

The Bishop of Lincoln has described the decision by the Synod of the Church of England not to allow women bishops as a 'dark day' for the church.

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"No" vote for women bishops

The Bishop of Lincoln has spoken of his deep sadness after a proposal to allow the consecration of women as bishops was voted down by the General Synod.

The decision means that the matter cannot now be brought back for discussion until a new General Synod is elected in several years, at which point the process would have to be started from the beginning again.

"This is a very sad day indeed, not just for those of us who support the ministry of women, but for the future of the Church, which might very well be gravely damaged by this."

"The proposal had the overwhelming support of most of the Diocesan Synods, and this raises very serious questions about the representation of General Synod, and calls for a broad review of how General Synod members are elected.

"The Church has suffered a serious credibility problem while it worked on the legislation, and this is a set-back that could cement the Church's reputation as being outdated and out-of-touch.

"Young people have spoken to me of their concerns about the Church, and the way it appears to fight against that which for many people is perfectly normal and acceptable.

– Rt Revd Christopher Lowson

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