Lucky pup survives overdose

Miggles with his owner Emma Robinson (left)

A tiny puppy who swallowed a who box of Nurofen tablets has defied the odds and lived to tell the tale.

Miggles, a Jack Russell-Chihuahua cross, ate 16 tablets. That is 80 times the toxic overdose, and Miggles weighs just 1.2kg.

His owner, Emma Robinson, from Sheffield, arrived home to find him staggering about in the kitchen, with the remnants of the box on the floor. He soon slipped into a coma and his life was in the balance, but Emma rushed him straight to Abbey Vets in Barnsley.

Vet Lisa Flood said: “For a dog so small and an overdose so large his chances of survival were slim. We made him vomit to empty his stomach, gave him activated charcoal to help to absorb any toxin that may have remained and started medications to counteract the effects of the Nurofen.

“We were concerned about seizures, gut ulceration, perforation of the gut lining and kidney failure but this little dog was a real fighter and has made a remarkable recovery."

Emma Robinson said: “We are delighted to have Miggles back. It was really touch and go at one point but amazingly he rallied round. He’s as mischievous as ever, so we are now making sure that we keep any tablets well away from him.”