Antisocial behaviour warning for West Yorkshire derby fans

There are warnings for fans travelling by train to tomorrow's West Yorkshire derby match between Huddersfield Town and Leeds United.

Around 500 fans are expected to travel to the game by train. British Transport Police officers will be on board trains to make sure there is no disruption.

Match days are a great day for football fans with an incredible atmosphere at train stations. Officers will be helping everyone to enjoy it, as well as helping to ensure everyone travels to and from the game safely.

We do not want to see any intimidating or anti-social behaviour from the minority who may be intent on spoiling the day for others and we are asking fans to keep this in mind when at stations and on trains and to moderate their language and behaviour.

– Inspector Pete Kooper, British Transport Police

Inspector Kooper continued:

We will be targeting known trouble makers who attach themselves to football, and will be operating a zero tolerance approach to any criminal or anti social behaviour committed by them. We will achieve this by having increased numbers of officers at stations and on the services, covert officers gathering intelligence and information throughout the month, and officers who will monitor CCTV to gather intelligence which will use to prosecute people.

– Inspector Pete Kooper, British Transport Police

He added:

We will have a positive arrest policy and anyone who thinks they can behave in such a way, and ruin law-abiding supporters and passenger’s days out in the process, should know that we will seek football and rail travel banning orders against them. Such behaviour is not welcome on the railways or at football matches.

Saturday promises to be a great day for Huddersfield and Leeds fans and the most important thing is that fans enjoy the occasion and have a great day. BTP will help to ensure that this is the case and we will not allow the behaviour of a tiny minority to spoil it for everyone else.

– Inspector Pete Kooper, British Transport Police