Police and Crime Commissioners

The first ever Police and Crime Commissioners have been elected in our region but turnout in the poll was at a record low level.

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Crime Commissioner calls for police spending cuts review

Newly elected Police & Crime Commissioner Mark Burns-Williamson met with Policing Minister Damien Green today to raise spending cuts and the implications for policing across West Yorkshire.

Speaking at the meeting, Mark said:

The Government spending cuts have already hit us hard and are going to hit harder here in West Yorkshire. We are one of the regions worse affected by the cuts and it is not right that, due to an unfair grant allocation, the safety of people across West Yorkshire is compromised in this way.

The Government needs to re-appraise the spending cuts as a matter of urgency and review the way the funding is allocated across the country. 800 front line police jobs are at risk across West Yorkshire and yet Surrey, in the South with much lower crime rates, is receiving funding for an extra 250.

– Mark Burns-Williamson, West Yorkshire Police & Crime Commissioner

He added:

Today I call on Damien Green to review the spending cuts to policing as a matter of urgency and to make sure at the very least he announces protection for future years’ Community Safety Funding in the Autumn Statement.

– Mark Burns-Williamson, West Yorkshire Police & Crime Commissioner

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