Historic Yorkshire pub opens on a Sunday for the first time in 180 years

A pub in West Yorkshire is opening on a Sunday for the first time in 180 years. The Chequers in Ledsham was built in the 1600s but was forced to close its doors in the early 1800s after a local law was passed.

It was closed by the Lady of the Manor following an incident when a lady was verbally assaulted while passing the pub in her carriage on the way back from Church. It was reported that some drunken farmworkers accosted her, causing such trouble that the building was ordered to be closed on Sundays.

According to local legend, the Lady of the Manor still haunts the building.The pub has now been granted permission to re-open on Sundays.

This is a big step for us, we've been closed on a Sunday for such a long time it's become a real tradition for us. We see so many walkers and families out in the area on a Sunday and we're really pleased that we can now offer them a Sunday dining experience in Ledsham."

– Chris Wraith, Landlord