Warning to party-goers over station safety

As the festive season gets underway, Network Rail is urging passengers to take care at railway stations

Warning to party-goers at rail station

As the festive party season gets underway, there is a warning from Network Rail for party-goers to take care at Leeds station. Almost one hundred people were involved in slips, trips or falls at the station between 1 April 2011 and 31 March 2012, according to the latest figures.

A third of these incidents happened on a Friday and Saturday. A new digital and poster campaign with CCTV footage highlights how running for a train with bags of shopping or attempting to carry heavy luggage on an escalator can end up with more than a bruised pride.

Phil Verster, Route Managing Director for Network Rail said: “Our station team at Leeds are working around the clock to help passengers get home safe. Please plan ahead so you don’t end up rushing to catch your train - falling over could be a miserable end to an enjoyable evening.”

Across the country most incidents involved people slipping on the concourse, falling down stairs or on the platform, with more than 500 falls on escalators and over 400 people who fell when running. More than 400 incidents involved a person who was intoxicated.

December 2011 saw 322 incidents, accounting for around 10% of the total - and Fridays were the most common day

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