Home Secretary fights Roseline's stay of deportation

Roseline Akhalu Credit: ITV Yorkshire

The Home Secretary is appealing a decision to allow a seriously ill woman to stay in the UK - despite her claims that she will die in weeks if she returns to her native Nigeria.

Roseline Akhalu has to take medication every day after suffering kidney failure when she moved to Leeds as a student in 2004. She claims she would never be able to afford the drugs if she was sent home. But Theresa May is now fighting a judge's decision to allow Roseline to stay in the country.

"We can confirm that we are appealing the court's decision in this case, " said a spokesman for the UK Border Agency.

"The NHS is a national, not an international, health service and the relevant treatment is available in Nigeria. Providing access to this treatment for Nigerian nationals is the responsibility of the Nigerian government."