"Good samaritan" killer

A man who killed a Polish factory worker who he says was molesting a teenage girl, has been found guilty of murder. 38 year old Stephen Sleaford stabbed Janusz Smoderek in the chest after a brawl in the early hours of the morning in Boston.

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Judge: Sleaford had a "record of violence"

On sentencing, the Judge told Sleaford he had a record of violence, which included an offence of 'GBH with intent' in 1994 involving the use of a double barrelled sawn off shotgun. Sleaford had previously served 11 years in prison.

The Judge also increased the severity of his sentence from the usual 15 years to 23 years, because Sleaford went on the run from police after killing Janusz Smoderick, disposed of the knife in a garden and washed his clothes to ensure he wouldn't get caught.

"Janusz Smoderek was unarmed and unprotected. When you kicked and punched him he held his hands up. This was a brutal murder with an element of punishment inflicted by you on him."

– Judge Michael Heath

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