Olympic bottle thrower is sentenced

The man who threw a plastic beer bottle at competitors at the start of the men's Olympic 100m final has been sentenced to an eight-week community order. Ashley Gill-Webb, aged 34, of South Milford, near Leeds, was found guilty of public disorder at Stratford Magistrates' Court last month.

Ashley Gill-Webb at an earlier court appearance Credit: Calendar news

District Judge William Ashworth, sitting at Thames Magistrates' Court, told Gill-Webb:

"Your intention was to target the highest-profile event at the London Olympic and put off Usain Bolt. The potential harm of triggering a false start was significant. By good fortune, you failed. You did, however, spoil the occasion for some spectators and tarnish the spirit of the Games."

Gill-Webb, who suffers from a bipolar disorder, will be electronically-monitored and be subject to a 7pm to 7am curfew. He was also ordered to pay a £1,500 contribution to costs.