Knipe Point: Yorkshire Water say they are "not to blame"

Yorkshire Water say their investigation into a landslip at Knipe Point in Scarborough show they are "not to blame".

Four properties are at are at risk of sliding into the sea and will probably have to demolished.

Council officials have been trying to assess the stability of the immediate area to establish what action needs to be taken.

We have every sympathy with residents of Knipe Point and the situationthey’re facing following the recent land slippage.In an open report we received recently, a number of accusations were madeabout us, including water appearing from the cliff at Knipe Point was coming from our pipe which serves the McCain’s factory. It was alleged that a leak from this pipe was the main cause of the cliff’s instability.

We weren’t able to immediately respond to these allegations until we’d carried out our own investigation.

Now this is done, we’d like to reassure everyone concerned that our investigations show that our pipe is not to blame in any way for the recent land slippage.

The report states water stopped coming out of the cliff in July 2011.

This does not correspond with the date we activated the new pipe after ourreplacement scheme in November 2011.

Our own checks have also confirmed that the water coming from the cliff isnot potable water, meaning that it hasn’t come from any of our drinkingwater supply pipes in the area.

Available evidence suggests the landslip was simply an act of nature. This theory is supported by an earlier study, conducted by the Council, which concluded that this stretch ofcoastline is geologically active, leading to periodic landslips.

– Yorkshire Water