Little choice but to postpone rugby clash

Officials of Hul FC and the Rugby Football League claimed they had no alternative but to call off last night's Super League game with Bradford after motorway chaos left the home side short of players.

An accident on the M62 initially delayed the Bulls coach and despite having to detour on the A19 they were able to reach the ground half an hour before kick off.

But with nine Hull players, who were travelling from their homes in West Yorkshire, unable to make it to the ground before the latest allowed kick off time of 9.15, it was decided to move the game to a 3pm start on Sunday.

"The match had to be postponed. The reason is that there had been a serious collision on the M62. The accident involved an oil tanker that contained an unknown substance and that is why the police had to shut the M62. It did affect the Bradford team coach and they were stuck for over an hour. Unfortuntely we have nine players that live in West Yorkshire and they were travelling across. It was a number that affected whether we could field a team or not."

– James Clark, Spokesman for Hull FC

"We tried everything humanly possible but when players are struck unfortunately we couldn't accomodate that."

– Dave Asquith, RFL's match commissioner

"Fifteen years I have been involved with Bradford Bulls and I have never had to divert off the motorway on the way to a game. Fortunately we were before the A19 (exit and could divert). Realistically eight or nine of their players were not going to be here before 9.15pm which is the latest time the game could have kicked off. It's better for everybody concerned that the game is played on Sunday and we will travel across on Sunday morning.

– Stuart Duffy, Bradford football manager