York Hospitals 'at peak' of Norovirus

Six wards are now closed at York Hospital after an outbreak of the Norovirus. The first cases of the so-called winter vomiting bug were found at the hospital almost three weeks ago, but experts say they believe the outbreak is now at it's peak.

Some operations have also been cancelled, and people have been asked to stay away from the hospital unless it is absolutely necessary to visit.

Chief Nurse Libby McManus told ITV News "It's really tough in the hospital. We have had to open extra beds wherever we can in areas which have previously been empty. Staff are also thin on the ground because some of them have also come down with the bug."

It's been a particularly tough two or three weeks in the run up to this, but looking at the pattern, we think this is at it's peak and we're just waiting for it to clear now.

– Libby McManus, York Teching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust