More firefighters needed in Lincolnshire

For the first time in five years Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue service is looking to recruit up to 10 new firefighters to be assigned throughout the county.

Candidates will be assessed on things like physical ability, fitness, working with numbers and problem solving.

“Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue is looking for committed people to help provide the best possible service to the community. Being a Firefighter is a demanding and challenging role. We’re looking for a combination of practical ability, mental resilience, courage, physical fitness and the ability to remain calm and focussed in difficult circumstances.”

– Shona Wright, Recruitment Manager in Lincolnshire

“Serving as a Firefighter is an incredibly rewarding career. Our Firefighters play a key role in keeping our communities safe by undertaking both preventative and reactive work. As well as dealing with fires, helping at road accidents, flooding or other natural disasters, they also educate the community on fire prevention.”

– Councillor Peter Robinson, Executive Councillor for Community Safety