Castleford Tigers Chief Exec resigns

Castleford chief executive Steve Ferres has resigned with immediate effect.

Ferres was appointed in the position last July and was a lifelong supporter of the club. However, Ferres today stepped down, citing differences with the club's board

over changes that he believes need to be made.

As CEO I believe I have a moral obligation to

everyone associated to the Tigers from its staff to the players and right

through to its loyal fans.

"Since the board is not in a position to support the multitude of changes that

I believe must take place now in order for Castleford to continue to compete at

Super League level, I feel I have no option other than to offer my resignation.

"I am an extremely proud man and a proud Castleford man at that so please rest

assured that this decision was not made lightly."

– Steve Ferres

Ferres has been involved in launching a new membership scheme at Castleford

during his seven months at the club, with 4,000 fans signing up and season

ticket sales also rising by 25%.

He hopes this will help the club to push ahead and develop further over coming


I would like to thank the fans for their fantastic support and

indeed the staff for their hard work in implementing the new membership scheme.

"It has brought in much needed revenue to the club and in doing so, provided a

model which can and should be the catalyst to help sustain a viable business."

– Steve Ferres