Chesterfield Councillors approve council tax rise

Chesterfield Borough councillors have agreed to raise council tax by 6p per week for the average taxpayer to reduce the level of cuts to vital services.

Chesterfield Borough Council is dealing with a 38% reduction in its Government grant – which equates to £3.3 million over the next four years.

To help tackle the problem, the Government has told the council that as one of the 51 councils with the lowest tax rate in the country, it can consider a one off increase of 10p per week for a band D council tax payer.

Although Chesterfield Borough Council sends out council tax bills most of the money is collected on behalf of different authorities with:

  • 74% of the total bill going to Derbyshire County Council to pay for services including education, roads and social services
  • 11% going to Derbyshire Police
  • 5% going to Derbyshire Fire and Rescue.
  • The remaining 10% goes to local councils for services including refuse collection.

It is always disappointing to have to increase council tax, especially in the current economic climate but with the level of cuts from the Government, it is necessary to provide the vital services we have to provide.

The Government has recognised the cuts would affect Chesterfield disproportionately because our council tax has been consistently one of the lowest in the country and would affect us more that councils who started the cuts from a higher tax base.”

– Cllr John Burrows, Chesterfield Borough Council