Yorkshire has some of longest stretches of roadworks

Motorists are having to contend with around 19,000 sets of roadworks at present, it has been revealed.

The figures came from data from more than 80 British local authorities obtained following a request under the Freedom of Information Act from breakdown company Britannia Rescue.

With more cars on the road than ever, it is extremely difficult for the authorities to maintain the quality of our roads without impacting drivers.

"Sitting in traffic with the engine running for long periods of time can cause engine overheating and damage a car."

– Britannia Rescue managing director Peter Horton

Among councils with a high number of works in their area were East Riding of Yorkshire Council, with 2,066, and Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council in Yorkshire, with 1,815.

The survey of 1,288 drivers also showed that roadworks were adding 43 minutes a week on average to motorists' journeys.