Claudia: family criticise police

The mother and sister of missing Claudia Lawrence have strongly criticised the police investigation, saying a decision to focus on her private life may have cost vital clues.

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Claudia's mother: somebody knows something

As the inquiry into Claudia's disappearance enters its fifth year, they have called for a new inquiry with a wider remit. But, they say even that may be too late and whoever is responsible for Claudia's disappearance may have got away with it.

"I just feel anger that four years on there's someone sat there somewhere, probably seeing the publicity, seeing the pain the family's going through and ..they've got away with it. With abducting her or whatever it is. And I just think how can they live with themselves?"

"The time, statistically, they said its very unlikely that a stranger was involved in this, and that was dismissed. I just feel that any sightings, or any pieces of information that are linked to someone who didn't know her should not be dismissed. They should be taken on board."

– Joan Lawrence

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