Police chief challenges suspension

Lincolnshire Police's Temporary Chief Constable Neil Rhodes has gone to the High Court to challenge the decision by the county's Police and Crime Commissioner Alan Hardwick to suspend him earlier this year.

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Chief Constable's suspension followed 'serious allegations'

The High Court has been told how Lincolnshire's temporary Chief Constable was suspended after he "friended" West Yorkshire Police lawyer Afzal Hussain, who was dismissed from the force after 17 years and was suing his former employer.

The court heard that Neil Rhodes then became involved in the proceedings. He was suspended by Lincolnshire's Police and Crime Commissioner Alan Hardwick following a letter from Fraser Sampson, the solicitor to the Police and Crime Commissioner for West Yorkshire in which he stated:

Temporary Chief Constable Rhodes has been complicit in the pursuit of racial discrimination claims which are a 'contrivance' and which he knows to be untrue and only pursued as leverage. This is an extremely serious allegation going to fundamental honesty and integrity.

– Fraser Sampson, solicitor to the West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner

But Mr Rhodes legal team argued in court that the Chief Constable acted in good faith by trying to get the parties involved around the table saying:

Temporary Chief Constable Rhodes denies the essential imputation advanced against him [and] did not know enough about Mr Hussain's claim to offer any opinion on it. Temporary Chief Constable Rhodes believes that Mr Hussain believes, rightly or wrongly, that his dismissal was based on discrimination.

– John Beggs QC, acting for Temporary Chief Constable Neil Rhodes

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