Lincoln footbridge: MP says more to be done

The MP for Lincoln, Karl McCartney says he will be working closely with Network Rail. In a statement he adds:

I know many of my constituents in and visitors to Lincoln will be pleased to learn that planning permission for the footbridge at the Brayford Wharf Level Crossing has now been granted. This is great news and will help to reduce risks at this crossing for pedestrians. I also understand that Network Rail are progressing negotiations with owners of some buildings at the High Street location to allow them to proceed with planning permission applications and ultimately a footbridge at that location also.

There is more to do – particularly as the current 20-23 minutes plus per hour the barriers are down during the day is to be increased by Network Rail to 40+ minutes per hour to allow long freight trains to pass slowly through our beautiful City. Such an increase in barrier down time will not benefit anyone in Lincoln at all. However, I will be working closely with Network Rail and other elected representatives ... towards a welcome positive conclusion in the near future

– Karl McCartney MP for Lincoln