Police chief challenges suspension

Lincolnshire Police's Temporary Chief Constable Neil Rhodes has gone to the High Court to challenge the decision by the county's Police and Crime Commissioner Alan Hardwick to suspend him earlier this year.

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Police chief wins right to return to work

The temporary Chief Constable of Lincolnshire Police has today won the right to return to work after a High Court judge ruled he should not have been suspended for the way he handled a race discrimination claim.

Neil Rhodes was suspended by the county's Police and Crime Commissioner, Alan Hardwick, in February. However, a High Court judge in Manchester today ruled the decision was "irrational and perverse" and quashed Mr Rhodes' suspension .

It is claimed he helped a senior Muslim lawyer from another force use his ethnicity to pursue damages following his dismissal. Mr Rhodes strenuously denied any wrong-doing and asked a judge at the High Court in Manchester to grant a judicial review so he could get it quashed.

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