'Bedroom tax' comes into force

80,000 people in our region could lose up to £900 across the year in housing benefit - as the so called bedroom tax comes into force. The policy will see benefits cut for social housing tenants deemed to be living in homes bigger than they need.

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Barnsley bedroom tax protest

Petition against bedroom tax in Barnsley Credit: ITV Yorkshire

Protestors have held a demonstration in Barnsley today against the so called 'bedroom tax'. The policy comes into force next month and will cut benefits for social housing tenants who are considered to be living in homes too big for their needs.

The government says it is to make the system more fair but campaigners are worried it will leave them struggling to make ends meet.

Bedroom tax protest in Barnsley Credit: ITV Yorkshire
Camping out - protestors in make shift beds in the town centre Credit: ITV Yorkshire

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