Dispersal orders for Barnsley town centre

South Yorkshire Police tackle anti-social behaviour in Barnsley town centre.

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Civil rights group say town centre curfew could be 'unlawful'

An order banning under 16s from entering Barnsley town centre at night unless accompanied by an adult may be unlawful and should be challenged in court according to a civil rights group . Lawyers at campaign group Liberty described the ban as "just plain wrong."

"A blanket ban on 15-year-old walking around on summer nights is discriminatory and counter-productive. The police should target offenders of whatever age, not show disrespect and distrust of a whole generation. This policy is changeable in the courts and we urge any family affected by it to contact Liberty after Easter. "

– Emma Norton, Liberty lawyer

The curfew which started yesterday was set up by South Yorkshire Police and Barnsley Metropolitan Council in a bid to tackle anti-social behaviour.

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