Dispersal orders for Barnsley town centre

South Yorkshire Police tackle anti-social behaviour in Barnsley town centre.

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Police use new powers to disperse town centre revellers

South Yorkshire police can now use new powers to disperse groups of people from anti-social behaviour blackspots and target night time revellers or football fans.

South Yorkshire Police and Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council jointly applied for the order in a bid to reduce anti-social behaviour.

"Many interventions have been put in place by the police and partners and although some measures have had some success nuisance behaviour still persists on an almost daily basis. The common theme that appears to cause the most concern is rowdy, inconsiderate and abusive behaviour. This behaviour is often from people in large groups and has led to members o the public and business community reporting the feeling of being harrassed and intimidated."

– Inspector Julie Mitchell, South Yorkshire Police.

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