£1,500 stairlift bought for dog with a bad back

Pippa, Millie and Heidi, the pampered pooches from Ossett

Animal lovers from West Yorkshire were so concerned about their pet Dachshund's bad back they splashed out £1,500 on a stairlift.

Sheila Lee, from Ossett, volunteers for West Yorkshire Dog Rescue, where she rescued her dog, Pippa. Pippa developed a bad back, and Sheila and her husband Harry had to fork out thousands for a spine operation.

So to stop their other two dogs, Millie and Heidi, developing the condition, they bought a stairlift.

"People must have thought we were mad", said Sheila. "But it was that or paying out thousands more.


Stairlift for pet dogs

Doting dog owners in West Yorkshire were so concerned about their dogs struggling to make it upstairs they installed a £1,500 stairlift.