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The latest from Westminster from our political correspondent Paul Brand.

"If the Health Secretary wanted to calm the storm, he's just managed to whip it up. This afternoon he said Prof Sir Roger Boyle would play no further role in deciding the future of Leeds General Infirmary - but that raises many questions about the role he's played so far.

At the root of the issue, are Sir Roger's comments last week, when he claimed he wouldn't send his own children to the heart unit. Why? Because he claims figures show the unit has a worryingly high death rate. Indeed, those figures are the reason surgery was suspended at the hospital last month.

But that closure led to claims of political engineering. Just a day earlier, campaigners had won a high court battle to help keep the unit open. The government's argument so far has been that the figures don't lie, and that safety comes first

But now the Health Secretary says Sir Roger - the very man who flagged up the figures - is no longer fit to take part in the decision.

That leaves Jeremy Hunt arguing two very different things - that on the one hand, Sir Roger rightfully highlighted worrying figures. But on the other, that Sir Roger himself isn't the right man for the job. Hardly a boost for public confidence. "