Increase in shoplifting in Rotherham

Police in Rotherham are warning of increased levels of shoplifting in the area. Officers say tackling the increase is a priority and they have warned that it is not a victimless crime because the cost of lost goods is passed onto consumers.

These stolen items may seem a bargain that you can’t say no to but I urge the public to think again about what the money you pay will be going to. More often than not people will steal to buy drugs. It is a criminal offence to receive stolen goods and you could still be in as much trouble as the offender taking the goods from the store. Police will prosecute people and a prison sentence could be imposed.

The impact of shoplifting is not just felt by the shop owners, the scale of offences committed can reduce the opportunities of investment in our town centres and lead to premises closed for long periods of time. We all need to tackle these issues, so that our communities can start to thrive again.

If you go shoplifting you will be caught twice. Once on CCTV and secondly by us. Don’t Do It!”

– Chief Inspector Richard Butterworth