Evie recovering after chocolate poisoning

Evie the Dalmation on the road to recover after operation Credit: ITV Yorkshire

A South Yorkshire vet group is warning dog owners to keep chocolate away from their pets after they had to carry out emergency treatment to save a sweet toothed dog.

Evie the Dalmatian was rushed to Abbey Vets Barnsley surgery after becoming ill from eating a potentially life-threatening amount of chocolate. She was found by her owners at their home surrounded by the remnants of five Easter eggs.

"In cases such as this it is vital that owners seek treatment quickly. If a dog gets to a vet in time it can be made to vomit and also be given activated charcoal to absorb any toxins left in the digestive system.

This will help to prevent the life-threatening fits which are very common after dogs eat chocolate. Some dog owners do not realise how poisonous chocolate is and we have and we have even come across cases where they have been feeding it to their dogs as a treat"

Tony Duffy, Vet

"We normally dog proof the kitchen before we leave the house but on this occasion we had left a cardboard box containing Easter eggs on the kitchen table. Evie must have reached up and pulled the box to the floor to get to the chocolate. "

She's now back to her normal self but hopefully her ordeal will serve as a warning to other dog owners to keep chocolate well out of harms way."

Kirsty Burkitt, Evie's owner