Former Leeds boss O' Leary wins £3.4m compensation

Former Leeds United boss David O'Leary has won a £3.4m compensation claim against Dubai-based club Al Ahli.

He had taken the claim for $5.2m to FIFA following his dismissal one year into a three-year contract.

The League Managers' Association said despite having sacked O'Leary, Al Ahli claimed the Irishman had abandoned his job.

"It has taken a long time to deal with this matter but I am pleased that all issues have now been finalised.

"I hope my case provides reassurance to all managers and coaches working all over the world that there is a formal system in place that provides employment protection."

– David O' Leary

"We are clearly delighted with the outcome. In addition, the LMA is extremely grateful to the FA for their assistance in initiating the process with FIFA.

"The added significance and wider impact of this process is the proof that FIFA has mechanisms in place which regulate worldwide employment issues.

"It is extremely encouraging to know that the world governing body can provide a means of redress for managers and coaches at all levels seeking to establish their employment rights, wherever in the world they happen to work."

– Richard Bevan, chief executive of the LMA