Bank Holiday - your pictures

Nina Walton helping the flowers grow in Calverley in Leeds Credit: Anita Greer
Sheilding his face from the sun - Declan O'Donnel in Fearndale Credit: Nicola O'Donnel
3-year-old Kenzie enjoying the sunshine in Sheffield Credit: Janet Simpson
Blooming lovely at St Ricarius Church in Aberford Credit: Paul Goodyear
Noah, Kian and Gabrilla having fun in the sun in Huddersfield Credit: Mark Whittam
Lizzy Steel revising in the garden in Cherry Burton with her dog Millie Credit: Jack Holland
Taking it easy in the shade - baby Freddie in Huddersfield Credit: Rebecca Moorhouse
Rebecca Moorhouse and Nicola O'Donnel with Olivia catching a few rays in the garden Credit: Chris O'Donnel