34 people stopped for using phones while driving in East Yorkshire

Dozens of drivers have been stopped by police in the East Riding after they were spotted using their mobile phones.

In total, 34 people were stopped by officers between Monday and Saturday last week as part of a campaign aimed at raising awareness of mobile phone misuse.

"I have looked at the individual collisions and spoken to the attending officers - it has been the case that there are a large number of collisions contributable to mobile phone use. This is not necessarily persons using the phone to call someone, but texting, use of the internet and social media. All these seem to involve the driver looking down at their phone and becoming engrossed. "

– Simon Carlisle, Casualty Reduction Officer for the East Riding

In December last year at York Crown Court a woman given a four year jail term for "tweeting" her friend whilst driving. She collided with a car and killed a passenger.