Hs2: claims it's "unnecessary"

Demand for the HS2 high-speed rail project has "likely been overestimated", according to a report by a think-tank.

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Hs2 is a "£33b gamble"

A think-tank said in a report out today the demand for the HS2 link - which will connect Leeds to London - has been "overestimated".

"Demand for HS2 has likely been overestimated by oversimplified government modelling.

The foundation suggested alternatives for the money that will be spent on HS2: £10 billion could transform rail infrastructure in northern England and the Midlands, creating new and faster east-west rail links, redeveloping stations and electrifying regional rail lines

"It could overhaul the East and West Coast main lines, increasing the speed, capacity and reliability of north-south rail travel with less environmental damage than HS2."

– Spokesman for the New Economics Foundation - who published the report

"HS2 is the largest transport investment in the UK's history. At the moment it amounts to a £33 billion gamble.

"Our research shows the Government is backing the wrong horse. Instead of pouring billions of pounds into a single line that will take 20 years to complete we should be spreading our bets on a wider range of transport investments that offer better value for money."

– David Theiss, a researcher at the NEF,

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