Centenarians celebrate in style

Catherine Firth, General Manager Gillian Butler, Nancy Wood and Nora Green. Credit: ITV Yorkshire

A care home in Shipley is holding a very special birthday party this summer to celebrate three ladies' very special birthdays. Nancy Wood, Catherine Firth and Nora Green who all live at Brookfield care home, have one thing in common - they are all centenarians.

Nancy a former hairdresser from Huddersfield turned 100 in April, Catherine who was born in Lincolnshire was 100 in June and Nora from Bradford will turn 103 in December. To celebrate these amazing milestones, the care home is holding a special birthday party for them.

"Nancy, Catherine and Nora are all very special ladies. Determined and full of character they have incredibly interesting life stories and we are delighted to be caring for them here at Brookefield where they continue to enjoy a variety of interests."

Gillian Butler, Brookfield Home