Hepatitis C testing in Lincoln

People in Lincoln are being encouraged to get tested for and learn more about Hepatitis C.

A roadshow is taking place with the aim of helping thousands of people who have the blood-borne virus but don’t know it.

The Hepatitis C Trust estimates that almost 1,500 people in Lincolnshire have the disease but that over half of them are unaware.

People are needlessly dying from this preventable and curable disease because they simply don't know they have it.

What a waste of lives; and it's also a waste of money. If the health service can't see the human imperative of increasing testing, they should at least be able to understand the economic case.

– Charles Gore, Chief Executive of the Hepatitis C Trust

It’s estimated almost quarter of a million people in the UK have hepatitis – which can lead to cirrhosis and liver cancer.

It is common that many people live with hepatitis C without ever realising because they often don't have symptoms.

Treatment is much more difficult if the disease is caught late and therefore it's imperative that we diagnose people as early as possible to maximise the chance

I am a strong believer in screening as many people as we can, so localised events like this roadshow are incredibly important.

– Karen Murray, Hepatitis C Nurse Specialist at Lincoln County Hospital