Fewer deaths on South Yorkshire's roads

The number of deaths on South Yorkshire's roads has remained at its lowest level since 2003, according to the local Safer Roads Partnership. 29 people were killed last year from collisions, a reduction from its peak in 2006 when 71 people died.

The number of people classed as seriously injured also remained relatively low compared with the previous decade. 450 were "seriously injured" last year, compared with 684 in 2003.

It is pleasing to see that we have had no child fatalities on South Yorkshire roads in 2012, and that the total number of child casualties has also fallen. However, we cannot afford to be complacent. Every injury collision causes pain, grief and suffering for the families and communities involved. We shall continue to develop and deliver initiatives that have an impact in reducing risk and casualties.

– Ken Wheat, Safer Roads Partnership Manager

The results in South Yorkshire match those around the country, where total road deaths since 2002 have fallen by almost 50%. This equates to almost 1,700 lives saved every year. The volume of traffic over the same period increased slightly, according to the Office for National Statistics.