Christmas Royal Mail jobs in Leeds

Thousands of extra postal workers are being recruited for the busy Christmas period in areas including Leeds, Royal Mail has said.

The 4,000 jobs, which will be across ten temporary parcel sorting centres around the country, will form part of the 21,000 seasonal workers needed by the postal service for the festive rush.

Christmas is the busiest time of year for Royal Mail and our customers.

Royal Mail has invested in ten temporary parcel sort centres to increase our scale and improve our flexibility during this important time of year for our customers.

The use of additional parcel sort centres has proved extremely successful the past two years.

They are now an integral part of Royal Mail's substantial financial commitment in additional resources at Christmas to handle the festive mail bag as effectively as possible.

– Mark Higson, Royal Mail

The centre in Leeds will open from November 4.

Anyone wanting to apply should click here.