Jail for breaking waste laws

A man from Hebden Bridge is starting a 25-month prison term for breaking rules about disposing of waste.

Mark Butterworth, from Mytholmroyd was sentenced by Bradford Crown Court earlier this year, but he was not taken in to custody because he failed to turn up to court on the day.

Yesterday, a warrant was issued for his arrest and he was brought before Bradford Crown Court to be sentenced.

After two investigations were carried out by the Environment Agency, the 51-year-old's skip hire and scrap yard company, ‘Springwood Trading Ltd’, was found to be operating a waste transfer station without an environmental permit or planning permission.

The company saved over £50,000 by avoiding fees such as permit application fees.

Butterworth admitted knowingly permitting the operation of a waste facility without the right permit.

He was also found guilty of four counts of operating a regulated facility without a permit, three counts of depositing controlled waste and one count of failing to provide waste transfer notes after being told to do so.