"Afghan six" inquest

An inquest has begun into the deaths of six soldiers from the Yorkshire Regiment, all killed in the bloodiest attack on British troops since the start of the conflict in Afghanistan

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IED blast 'sent fireball 100 feet into the air'

Today the inquest into the deaths of six soldiers with the Yorkshire Regiment, heard from a soldier who was travelling in an accompanying armoured vehicle.

In a written statement, Private Luke Stones explains that Private Christopher Kershaw from Bradford was a last-minute stand-in on the mission.

"Private Butler would have been the driver...but he was just returning from the shower and as a result, Private Kershaw offered to take his place."

– Private Luke Stones

The hearing has been told the troops, including Private Kershaw, died from blast injuries when their fighting vehicle was blown apart by an IED.

Private Stones said when the vehicle exploded, he saw a fireball sending flames 100ft high.

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