Drunken pilot jailed

A pilot with 25 years experience has been jailed for nine months after admitting to being drunk in charge of a flight that was about to take off from Leeds Bradford International airport.

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PIA: Irfan Faiz has brought "disrepute" to Pakistan

Pakistan International Airlines have released a statement about their pilot, Ifran Faiz, who was jailed for nine months after admitting he attempted to fly a plane, despite being three times over the limit for drinking and flying:

We have made it clear that any PIA official found in violation of rules in Pakistan or abroad will be dealt strictly according to the relevant laws. We await to receive the written verdict about Irfan Faiz. Upon the completion of his sentence, Irfan Faiz will have to face further action in Pakistan by PIA according to prevailing corporation's rules and regulations for bringing into disrepute Pakistan and PIA

– Pakistan International Airlines

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